Who is spending the most time on [M]? An attempt to find that out can be found here:
[M]ost online stats

Which mod do you need to stay away from? And which users have failed to do so most often?

So, who is the biggest threadkiller? Click click:

It's getting out of hand isn't it? Namerapes that is? I decided to try and keep track of them:
Namerape tracker

Who's the fastest? Fastest to reply to threads that is. Find out:
The Genmay Snipers

Ok, so we have a bunch of spammers, but do they actually say anything? This list shows who says the most in each post.
Blabbers of [M]

A poll I ran to find out what the average [M] user was like:
Average [M]'er

The search... It's down all the time, isn't it? Well... I decided to find out and these are the results:
Genmay search availability
Update: the script was stopped quite a while ago and the recent bullshits with serverload, DDOSes and other such things makes it rather outdated and innacurate.

A couple of "tools" to annoy your fellow genmayers (and btw, I know these are extremely basic scripts, that's the fucking point morons):
Tard text
Shout it
Gay... I mean rainbow text
Jayburn speak

A page dedicated to Proxomitron filters for genmay:
Proxomitron page

Having trouble with making a decision? Pick one at random here:
Pick one

Is there some other script you'd like to see? Send me a PM

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